So, you want to buy a jet ski?

Owning your own jet ski can be a thrilling and exciting experience. If you have never rode one before, or are an inexperienced rider, it is highly recommended to rent a jet ski before making a purchase, just to make sure you are comfortable with it and are able to navigate it with confidence. Once you are content with your driving abilities then you are ready to make your purchase. There are many different sizes and styles of jet skis to choose from. Every state requires different standards to determine who needs a boating license to operate a personal watercraft. It is highly advised to take the NASBLA boating safety course within your state, which usually issues a license to operate upon completion based on your states requirements.

Let’s take a brief glance at a few of the different types of jet skis in order to determine which one would be the best fit for you. One of the newest jet ski categories is called the Lite-Recreational jet ski. Originally jet skis were designed to be light weight and adventurous. Basically intended for those daring riders to launch themselves in the air over waves for the thrill. Over time they have evolved into bigger cruisers, with more powerful engines for extra passengers and towing capacity. But this took away from the fun aspect that many hard core riders crave. a tube but pull for a good amount of time without wearing out the driver. Therefore a lite-recreational jet ski was designed for the rider who intends to be more wild and free, thanks to their smaller engines an lighter frames you can now go soaring over waves in something light and easily maneuverable. They do not cruise well on rough water, unless your intentions are to jump the waves. But they are excellent for small lakes and rivers.

The next two most popular styles of jet skis are the recreational model and the performance model. Recreational is a level higher than the lite-recreational as far as the comfort level is concerned, but yet offers very similar standards as the lite recreational. With a few different size engines to choose from, horsepower output can be anywhere from 100 to 160 range and can reach speeds of approximately 50 mph (depending on the engine). However, for those who are in need of some power and speed we have the classic performance jet ski. Being that the coast guard enforces a 70 mph top speed cut of for safety reasons, therefore all jet skis are manufactured with throttle regulators that will not allow the water craft to go faster than that. However, for those speed enthusiasts a performance model can go from 0-70 mph rather quickly, with some of them going from 0-50 mph in as little as 3 seconds. And that is super fast!

Jet skis also come in stand-up or sit down models. The sit down jet ski is designed more for cruising, and enjoying the scenery. Where as the stand-up models are better for speed and wave jumping. Many riders feel standing up allows more control over the vehicle and they use their legs to absorb the shock of the bounce when landing back on the water after going airborne over a wave.

Jet Ski (Stand-up)
Jet Ski Cruiser w/ Passenger

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, always take proper safety precautions to ensure your own safety as well as your passengers and others on the water. Be mindful of the larger boats around you and it is recommended to wear proper safety gear. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have a blast with your jet ski.

Check out this video below for some excellent jet ski tips for beginners:

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